Music Discovery

After Nine is an online radio station and passion project started by Josh Dring. A music discovery platform for people to discover new music while they work. We curate and showcase a broad range of Hip-Hop culture, Low-fi beats and Instrumentals to help you keep focused. Many side projects have been built globally whilst using After Nine.

Hip Hop - Coming Soon

A collection of experimental hip hop.

Indie Fuzz - Coming Soon

Dreamy, Fuzzy alternative to float away.

Night Owl - Coming Soon

Burn the midnight oil into the early hours.

Rainy Days - Coming Soon

Soothe and unwind to relaxing jazz vibes.

Deep Focus - Coming Soon

Keep calm and focussed with ambient study beats.

Got the Funk - Coming Soon

Get your funk and groove on to this playlist.

Chaos Mode - Coming Soon

For those moments you need to push the boundaries.

Intrumentals - Coming Soon

Sip tea, Think and get through your workday.